How much inequality can a global friendship take?


A project by Christoph Frick and KLARA Theaterproduktionen.


One was living on the streets. One was beaten at school. One was tortured. One was a drug addict. One was in prison. Both come from middle class families. Both have several children. Both act in films. One owns a house by the sea. Both know unemployment. One receives state benefits.


DOS VIDAS. TWO LIVES. subjects the biographies of two actor friends to a comparison and stress test: Jorge Antonio Arias Cortez was born in May 1985 in Oruro in the Bolivian Altiplano, Nicola Fritzen in October 1978 in Berlin. Who arrives at which position with how much global seed capital? Who succeeds in living the “good life”, who cheats, who crashes?


According to the “Human Development Index”, an internationally recognised ranking of the development of the countries of the world, Bolivia is in 107th place. Switzerland is in 2nd place.

Inequality is the most explosive issue in the global system of the next decades. Demarcations of trouble spots and supposed security guarantees of the West collapse in the age of climate change and exhausted growth models. DOS VIDAS. TWO LIVES. undertakes the artistic experiment of placing the reality of life in a global frame of reference.


Fritzen and Cortez know each other from KLARA`s research project PALMASOLA (2019), a performative re-enactment of the Bolivian prison town of the same name and its social survival strategies.


For DOS VIDAS. ZWEI LEBEN. both actors provide their own biographies for a sociological case study – with all their extremes, highlights and painful details. Can “global inequality” be seen in Cortez and Fritzen`s lives? Has one of them drawn the short straw in the gamble of where they happened to be born? How far does each of them represent the social system they grew up with?





with: Jorge  Arias Cortez, Nicola Fritzen


Directed by: Christoph Frick


Video/Foto: Simon Hegenberg


Coreografical colaboration: Miguel Orlando Marin Savatier


Dramaturgy: Katrina Mäntele, Jhonnatan Torrez Casanoba


Technical Director: Lorenzo Ariel Muñoz


Production Manager: Catalina Schriber



KLARA Theaterproduktionen, Gärtnerstrasse 50, CH-4057 Basel,


+41-76-322 58 89, +49-176-45 00 45 40